News at  Vacation House Costa Rica

2/13/2009 2/13/2009
New Photos of the House and the house now has a backup water system with Storage Tank and Pump. Now even when the city water goes out or has low pressure the house still has plenty of water and pressure as city water goes out often or has low pressure often.

12/5/2008 12/5/2008
Happy Holidays from Vacation House Costa Rica, it is now summer time in Costa Rica, come visit us and stay awhile in our house. Great local surfing any many tours and adventures to take part in. Email us for questions or book today!

11/8/2008 11/8/2008
News from the developers of the project, They expect to have the 1st of 2 pools completed mid year 2009.

9/5/2008 9/5/2008
House complete, new photos added and now open for business

6/27/2008 6/27/2008
New Photos of the Available

5/24/2008 5/24/2008
New Photos of the House Available

3/3/2008 3/3/2008
New Photos of the House from the end of Feb 2008. Getting Close to completion. Another 2 or so months..

01/20/2008 01/20/2008
Item modification: Rental House

12/26/2007 12/26/2007
New Pictures Online

12/8/2007 12/8/2007
Added House Features & Amenities

12/4/2007 12/4/2007
New Photos of the House Available